The Maths Mates Difference

Lightbulb Moments


You know the feeling – when you finally conquer a difficult concept and are flooded with a rewarding sense of satisfaction and new-found motivation.


At Maths Mates, we’re passionate about helping students achieve these lightbulb moments. We are guided by your pace to ensure you master all mathematical concepts, one step at a time.

We teach for long-term retention instead of short-term regurgitation by devoting time to explain both the ‘how’ and the ‘why’ of each maths concept. Together we'll build your mathematical toolbox and progressively add to it as you develop a solid understanding of each concept.


Engaging Classes

Our knowledgeable, adaptable and friendly tutors deliver comprehensive and engaging lessons tailored to improve your maths literacy and confidence.


Individual and small group sessions (or a combination of both) are available depending on your needs.


Flexible Assistance

Stuck on a tricky question the night before a test or SAC? Need guidance for a pesky concept urgently? We hate that feeling too!


At Maths Mates, you can request additional support anytime - whether you’d like a quick chat or prefer a full session. We're flexible with class changes and make-up lessons too, so you get a 'no fuss' experience.


Collaborative Approach


With close to a decade of tutoring experience, we’re experts at nurturing a fun, supportive and collaborative environment - perfect for learning!


Our tutors build strong working relationships with all students which fosters trust, motivation and learning. They'll work together with you, at your pace, to supplement school coursework, improve your understanding of maths concepts and assist you to develop strong lifelong study habits.

Tailored Learning

We understand that all students have a unique learning style, are at different stages in their maths journeys, and have individual learning goals.

That’s why we tailor our study plans and lesson delivery methods to enhance your strengths, overcome blockers and provide the necessary tools to assist you in achieving your true potential.


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