Our Programs
Primary - Years 3 to 6

Our engaging, interactive program builds strong foundations in number operations and patterns, problem solving and mental arithmetic techniques. Importantly, it also helps primary students interpret the numbers and shapes they see around them, inspiring a sense of discovery beyond the classroom.


We utilise a variety of resources and tools to provide context and perspective to maths problems; stimulating your child’s curiosity and allowing for a richer understanding and engagement with their learning. By systematically developing their numeracy skills, we empower our students to confidently transition to high school maths.

Numbers &
Shapes &
Fractions &
Chance &
Secondary - Years 7 to 10

Whether you've fallen behind, are challenged by a particular concept, or want to challenge yourself – our flexible programs assist students of all abilities with their individual learning objectives.

We’ve developed a tiered pathway to help you establish, develop, consolidate and extend your maths knowledge and skills across all topic areas of the Victorian Curriculum in preparation for VCE.


We will share our strategies to help you efficiently navigate through extended response questions and strike the right balance between time and effort; critical at test and exam time.

Number & Algebra
& Geometry
Probability & Statistics
VCE - Years 11 and 12
  • Want to improve your competitive edge?

  • Achieving the same marks despite putting in heaps of work?

  • Understand the course content but can’t translate it into worked solutions?

  • Not keen on maths but require it as a prerequisite for your planned future studies?


If you answered YES to any of these questions, we offer comprehensive lessons, CAS calculator support, detailed revision notes, and exam strategies across General Mathematics, Further Mathematics and Mathematical Methods.


With so much going on in your final years of school, it’s important to work smarter not just harder. Our tutors are former VCE high achievers with proven experience in successfully balancing a hectic study schedule with other commitments - the perfect guides for your VCE journey.

Exam Skills
& Techniques

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